The group members have known each other for a long time, playing together in various early music groups and in January of 2013 they had the idea that they would like to establish an ensemble  which plays exclusively  trio sonatas. Then Rosella was born. 

This composition is unique not only in Hungary, but it is also a rarity abroad, because there are just a few groups that have two
recorders - viola da gamba - harpsichord and specializes only to trio sonatas.

Rosella's repertoire is from Renaissance, Early and Great Baroque to contemporary trio sonatas.


In 2017, they published their first demo album, featuring the concert repertoire of recent years.

We had some concerts with 2 violins, like a early music chamber group. The violin player are Enikő Kiss and Benedek Rábai.


Andrea Molnár - recorder, group leader
Katalin Kállay  - recorder
Zsolt Szabó - viola da gamba

Artúr Schallinger-Foidl - harpsichord

Previous members:
Bettina Mészáros, Ágnes Várallyay,   Augustin Szokos - harpsichord

Venue of concerts from last years:

Budapest: Nádor music hall, OEM,   Budapest Pont concert hall, Budakeszi   Rauthauskeller,  Belvárosi Szent Mihály church, Óbudai Társaskör concert hall

Other city in Hungary: Művészetek Völgye (Festival of Arts)Kapolcs,  Music University of Debrecen Liszt concert hall, Vikár Sándor Music school concert hall in Nyíregyháza, Music University in Szeged concert hall

Other country: Krakow

Andrea Molnár  - recorder, musical leader

She completed her secondary music studies at Leo Weiner Secondary School of Music under the direction of Gábor Kállay, who is still considered a mentor. Later she became a student of the University of Music in Amsterdam, her teachers were Jorge Isaac and Paul Leenhouts. She returned home with a Master of Music Degree from the Music University of Debrecen, where her teacher was Levente Viha. In 2016, received an Art Master's Degree at the Krakow Academy of Music under the mentoring of Erik Bosgraaf. She improved her knowledge by taking master classes (Anna Januj, Gábor Prehoffer, Thiemo Wind). Currently, she  is member of several Baroque and Contemporary ensembles - Musica Profana, Mandel Ensemble, Excanto early music group, Marquise early music group, Mandel ensemble, Bacchus consort, Budapest Bach consort - and Artistic Director of the Rosella early music ensemble. She is not only active in the Hungarian early music life, but she is also an engaged contemporary musician, which is proven by her independent evenings of contemporary concerts and a self-organized contemporary recorder masterclass.

She also attended some contemporary masterclasses (Jorrit Tamminga).

Kállay Katalin - recorder

She is playing in many early music groups (Rosella, Tercina, Marquise, Excanto, Musica Profana, Savaria Baroque orchestra), besides she is teaching in the Weiner Leó music school and conservatory, in the Ward Mária conservatory, and Reneaissance and Baroque summer masterclass in Győr (recorder and chamber music). Earlier she was also teaching in the Contemporary Dance Academy in Budapest, and in the Music University in Szeged. Her teachers  were  Sándor Papp (viola) and László Czidra (recorder) in the Weiner Leó music school,  after she was studying in the musicology department of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy  and in the early music - recorder  department at the University of Szeged  under the mentoring of   László Lőrincz.  She attended some masterclasses where the main subject was historical performance (Peter Holtslag, Gábor Prehoffer, Anneke Boeke).   Katalin had many concerts in festivals in Hungary as well as abroad. She played together with musicians, such as László Czidra, Pál Németh, György Vashegyi, Tamás Vásáry, Philip Pickett, Penelope Rapdon (Fiori Musicali, England), Gwendolyn Toth (Artek, New York), Peter  Zajíček  (Musica Aeterna, Bratislava).

Zsolt Szabó - viola da gamba

After studying cello, he started playing viola da gamba as a member of several old music ensembles from 1986. In 1987, he was a founding member of the Musica Profana early music group     and later became the    artistic director. Together with a historical dance teacher (Rita Széll), they started the first renaissance dance house in Hungary.

After 1990, playing the viola da gamba   was perfected by courses of international experts, and he performed together with Slovenian and Polish old music ensembles, he was a member of the Warsaw   Chamber Opera.

Since 2002, he has been working with his group mainly on the 16-17th centurys’ hungarian music. He began to research and play Hungarian music of the 18th century, and as a result of his work, the fifth album of the Musica Profana   entitled "Kájoni Codex" was released in 2005.

Beside he did the  management of Musica Profana, he plays regularly with the following performers and ensembles abroad on recordings and concerts:

Mária Zádori, Irén Lovász, Éva Lax, Krisztina Jónás, Chamber Orchestra of Ars Longa, Tomkins Singing Ensemble, Corvina Consort, Tabulatura early music ensemble, Excanto early music ensemble, Kecskés Ensemble, Ars Renata Singer, Ariadne Consort, Budapest Bach Consort, Bacchus Consort, Mandel Quartet, Geneamus.

Artúr Schallinger-Foidl - harpsichord

He was born in Hungary in Budapest where he started playing the piano at the age of five. He started studying the organ with Lilla Szathmáry at Budapest Bartók Béla Conservatory from 2009 to 2013. During these years he also became interested in early music. In 2010 he won the third and in 2013 the divided first price in the National Organ Competition for Secondary Schools. The same year he was admitted to the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. He attended the organ faculty taught by László Fassang, János Pálúr, István Ruppert and Balázs Szabó. He graduated in 2018 (MA organ). He also studied the harpsichord with Miklós Spányi. In addition to his academical studies, he started playing the viola da gamba with Nóra Kallai. Since then he has participated in numerous summer courses for early music where he deepened his knowledge of playing the organ with Michel Bouvard, the continuo and chamber music with Soma Dinyés and viola da gamba with Christoph Urbanetz. Since 2014 he has been playing with early music ensembles, such as the Miszla Baroque Orchestra, Musica Profana (HU), Música Temprana (NL) and Budapest Bach Consort (HU). In 2014 he founded his own ensemble, the Bacchus Consort.