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hungarian contemporary music

09.10.2019. saturday            18.00

2B Galéria ( Bp, Ráday u. 47.)

The entrance is free !



10.10.2019. sunday             18.00

Budakeszi Rauthauskeller (Budakeszi, Fő u. 177.

The entrance is free !


Celebration together the Music and  Elders world national day !  
03.10.2019 Thursday
Start: 16.00
2B Galéria ( Ráday u. 47. )
The entrance is free !
The  IX. district government  support the concert. 

09.08.2019. friday    18.00

27. Baroque Wedding in Győr

The entrance is free !

14.08.2019. wednesday

Festival of Zemplén

Calvinistic church of Erdőhorváti

Tickets and details:

11.05.2019. saturday 18.00 o'clock:

Miszla Kulturális Központ/Cultural center

(Miszla, 7065, Kis str.    168.)

Entrance to the concert    is free, we welcome donations!

12.04.2019. friday 19.00 o'clock: 

2B Galéria Budapest

(1047, Budapest Ráday str.47.)


14.04.2019. sunday 18.00 o'clock:

Budakeszi Rauthauskeller

(Budakeszi, Fő str.     177.)

2018. Album premiere concert, National  Lutheran Museum,    Budapest

Album premiere concert, Budakeszi Rauthuskeller

 Album premiere concert, Music University of Szeged Concert Hall

2016. Music University of Debrecen Liszt concert hall,

Budkeszi Rauthauskeller

Óbudai Társaskör Budapest